Riding Bike with a Prosthetic Leg

© 1999 Alvaro Fiorini all rights reserved

Lia with her sandal. Velcro is applied to the sole on the sandal and the right bike pedal.

Lia puts the sandal on over her shoes with Velcro straps.

Lia places her prosthetic foot on the pedal so the Velcro on her sandal mates with the Velcro on the pedal.

Ready to go! This photo shows the stand that hold the bike up-right while she attaches her foot.

This is where the prosthetic foot would normally fall off the pedal. The Velcro keeps it firmly in place but allows her to pull her foot free in a fall.

With her father's ingenuity Lia can ride her bike like any other six-year-old.