AAabove ankle (there is a long stump)
ABSamniotic band syndrome
ACAAmputee Coalition of America
ADankle disarticulation
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
Adherent Scar Tissuetissue stuck down, usually to bone
AEabove elbow amputation (there is a long stump)
AKabove knee (there is a long stump)
AWabove wrist (there is a long stump)
BAAbilateral above ankle (a long stump)
BAAbilateral above ankle (a long stump)
BAKbilateral above knee (a long stump)
BAWbilateral above wrist (a long stump)
BBEbilateral below elbow (a short stump)
BBHbilateral below hip (a short stump)
BBKbilateral below knee (a short stump)
BBSbilateral below shoulder (a short stump)
BBWbilateral below wrist (a short stump)
BEbelow elbow (there is a short stump) 
BEDbilateral elbow disarticulation
BHbelow hip (there is a short stump)
Bilaterala double amputee, both arms or  both legs
BKbelow knee (there is a short stump)
BKDbilateral knee disarticulation
BSbelow shoulder (there is a short stump)
BSDbilateral shoulder disarticulation
BWbelow wrist (there is a short stump)
BWDbilateral wrist disarticulation
Congenitalexisting at birth
Contralateralopposite sides ie. a right arm and left leg
Cosmesisused to describe the outer, aesthetic covering of a prosthesis
Disarticulationan amputation through a joint commonly the hip, shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow or wrist
Donning and Doffingputting on and taking off a prosthesis
EDelbow disarticulation
Endoskeletal Prosthesisone built more like a human skeleton with support and components on the inside and a cosmetic cover on the outside
Exoskeletal Prosthesisprosthesis that is hollow on the inside with a hard outer surface to bear weight
HDhip disarticulation, the removal or absence of a leg at the hip.
Hemipelvectomyan amputation where approximately half of the pelvis is removed
Ischial Tuberositythe large sitting bone
KDknee disarticulation
LAAleft above ankle (a long stump)
LAAleft above ankle (a long stump)
LAKleft above knee (a long stump)
Lateralto the side, away from the mid-line of the body
LAWleft above wrist (a long stump)
LBEleft below elbow (a short stump)
LBHleft below hip (a short stump)
LBKleft below knee (a short stump)
LBSleft below shoulder (a short stump)
LBWleft below wrist (a short stump)
LEDleft elbow disarticulation
LKDleft knee disarticulation
LSDleft shoulder disarticulation
LWDleft wrist disarticulation
Medialtoward the mid-line of the body
MentorAn adult who grew up as an amputee and now serves as a friend and advisor to parents of children with similar limb differences.  Having grown up with many of the same issues and concerns, they now serve as role models for the younger generation
Myoelectricsliterally muscle electronics. Technology used in prosthetic for upper-extremity amputees; used in hands and elbows   to control the prosthesis via muscle contraction using electrical signals from the muscles to the prosthesis.
Neuromathe end of a nerve left after amputation. The nerve will continue to grow in a circular pattern and can be troublesome, especially when trapped in scar tissue.
Partial footan amputation on the front part of the foot
PFFDProximal Femoral Focus Deficiency
Posteriorthe back side of the body
Prepatory ProsthesisThe stage between temporary and permanent prosthesis, using transparent diagnostic test socket and special fitting techniques to accurately fit the prosthesis so problems can be eliminated before it is cloned for the permanent prosthesis.
Prosthesisan artificial body part, in cases of an amputee, an arm or leg.
Prostheticsthe systematic pursuit of providing cosmetic and/or functional restoration of missing human parts
Prosthetista person involved in the science and art of prosthetics; one who designs and fits artificial limbs
Pylonoften what is referred to as a pole in a temporary leg prosthesis; the weight bearing support shaft in an endoskeletal prosthesis
RAAright above ankle (a long stump)
RAKright above knee (a long stump)
Ramusthe middle portion of the pubic bone, in the crotch area
RAWright above wrist (a long stump)
RBEright below elbow (a short stump)
RBHright below hip (a short stump)
RBKright below knee (a short stump)
RBSright below shoulder (a short stump)
RBWright below wrist (a short stump)
REDright elbow disarticulation
Residual limba term commonly, but incorrectly, used to refer to the stump
RKDright knee disarticulation
RSDright shoulder disarticulation
RWDright wrist disarticulation
SDshoulder disarticulation 
Shrinkera prosthetic reducer made of elastic material and designed to help control swelling of the stump
Stumpremaining portion of a limb after amputation
Supercondular Suspensiona method of holding on a prosthesis by clamping above a joint
SymesAn amputation through the ankle joint that retains the fatty heel pad portion
Temporary Prosthesisa prosthesis made soon after an amputation as an inexpensive way to help retrain a person to walk and balance while shrinking the residual limb
WDwrist disarticulation