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In an attempt to make the Index more helpful, we are listing the children by first name, followed by their type amputation. In general, the first initial indicates left, right or bilateral. The second is usually above or below. The third is usually the nearest existing joint such as elbow or knee. For a more complete list of abbreviations, check the I-CAN Glossary under Lots of Info.

Single Upper ExtremityBilateral Upper ExtremityUpper & Lower ExtremityLower Extremity
Alex - LBEAbbi & Gracie - BSDAlyssa - RBE, LAE, RBH, LAK Cammi - BKD
Alisha - LBEAria - BBEArun - LBE & LAKDanielle - B Symes
Amanda - RBE Emily Rose - BAEHeidi - BAK, RBE, LAEElizabeth C - B Symes
Caroline - RBE Isaac B - BSDIonut - BBK, LBWHope - RKD
Daniel - phocomeliaIsaac L - BSDKayla - BHD, RAE, left arm differencesJessica - R Symes
Deven - LBE Jenna -missing thumbsReese - BBK, RBEJohn - L Symes
Emily B - LBE Molly - BBETom - BAW, BAALia - RKD
Emily H - RBEPaquito - BSDXavier - BAE, missing femursLuke - LKD
Evan - RAEMaria - RBK
Hailey - RBE Marilyn - R Symes
Jack - partial R handSydney - R Symes
Jacob - phocomelia
Jayden - RBW
Jess - LBE
Katie Grace - RBE
Kaylee - RBE
Kim - RBE
Lindsay - LBE
Megan - LBE
Michael - LBE
Nils - LBE
Quentin - Partial R hand
Regan - RBE
Riley - LBE
Ryan - RBE
Sabina & Anatole - LBE
Sarah - LBE
Sydney Marie - RBE