Hi, this is Cammi at age 8 mo.’s at Karna Prayag, in Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India. I first ‘met’ her on the Precious in His Sight photo listing, where I thought I was practicing safe baby viewing (because I was just praying for them….). Cammi, somehow, pushed everyone else aside, reached through the screen, and took a firm hold of my heart. From there, she continued on, to capture every heart in our family, our church family, and of our friends. We received our official referral in Feb. ’98, after scurrying to update our home study. We are adopting Cammi through AIAA, and are very happy with the support we have received from them. Cammi will need to have her legs dis-articulated at the knee, when she gets here, so that she can be fitted w/ prosthetics to walk on. We know this won’t hold her back a bit !We are anxiously awaiting her arrival, to get her up and going, as well as just to enjoy her presence.

“We are a tapestry, all woven together to form a beautiful work of art, of which we can not yet
see the right side. We can only see the rough outline of what we are to be.”

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