Emily H

Emily was born in 1999. She was diagnosed with a missing right forearm after her 1st ultrasound. As first time parents, this was a shock to my husband and I, but we continued on, hoping that everything would be OK. During my pregnancy, it help me a lot to be part of the I-CAN network. They provided the support I needed and was able to see that a limb difference is not seen as a hindrance. This page also helped my other family members with their questions and that people with limb differences can do anything they set their minds to do.

We are so very blessed to have Emily in our lives and would not do anything different. Everyone at the I-CAN network was right, she is a normal baby…Eats, cries, poops, sleeps.

Emily at 2 months has found her left hand. She likes to place it in her mouth and open her fingers up. She doesn’t quite understand why this tastes funny and why they all don’t fit. She smiles and coos a lot now.

Emily at 3 months is now using her little arm much more. She grabs things and is reaching for objects. She loves to smile and play peek-a-boo. She can hold her pacifier in her mouth with her little arm and I even caught her scratching her head. She reaches up to place her little arm and left hand up to hold bottle, but she still doesn’t grasps yet.

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