Evan Thomas was born in 2003.  He weighed in at 9lbs. 4 oz. and was 21 ¾ inches long.  He was amazingly healthy and beautiful and perfect.  He was born missing his right forearm and hand.  No one knew, before his birth, that he would have only one hand.  It was quite a surprise in the delivery room, to say the least.  After the doctors ruled out any other problems we were able to focus on the most important fact, he was a healthy baby.  That is what everyone asks for when they are having a child and that is what we thank God that we got.

After we brought him home from the hospital, we felt we needed a “plan of action” we felt that there was “something that had to be done” for him.  After visiting a few doctors and being told the same thing over and over, we realized that there was very little that we would ever have to do specially for him.  Maybe we were looking for reassurance that it wasn’t our fault.  Parents inevitably have guilt when their child faces any sort of difficulty that they can’t make easier.  What we got was reassurance that Evan was a perfect baby who would grow up to be a perfect boy and one day a perfect gentleman.  We would have to step back and wait and see.

By now, we have realized that everything we were told is absolutely true.  Evan is a great teacher.  We have all learned so much from him over the past months and I cannot even imagine what I will learn sharing life with him.  He is as stubborn and determined as his father and brother so I know I really do have my hands full.   I cannot wait to see what greatness is in him waiting to be shown to us and what God’s plan is for giving us such an amazing gift.

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