Jayden was born in October 2006. We didn’t know until birth that he was born without his right hand. It was a shock to all of us! We all wondered what went wrong! I had 3 ultrasounds done and nothing was ever discovered. Although on my last ultrasound which was at 8 months pregnant, the technician performing the ultrasound had a hard time trying to find one of his hands. I asked her, “Why can’t she find his hand?” and her response to me was that. “He might be hiding it.” I didn’t think anything of it at that time, and never in a million years would I thought that my little angel Jayden would be born with missing limb.

When I first saw Jayden without his hand I was so emotional and couldn’t control myself, I cried my heart out! So many questions went through my head, Why me? How will he accomplish all the milestones? How will others see him in this cruel world, so many questions unanswered. We thought the worse! I was afraid of showing him to the world…but not anymore! Boy did Jayden prove us all wrong. He is such a happy baby. He goes to sleep with a smile and wakes up with a smile. Words can’t explain the love I have for this little boy. He is so loved and spoiled by everyone. He has amazed us in so many ways, he is so smart. He accomplished the milestones with no problem at all, thank GOD!! We got him fitted for a passive hand at the Shriners hospital in PA. back in July, but to be honest he is not wearing it. He didn’t like it from day one. He would cry every time I put it on him, he wouldn’t even move his hand at all. We decided not to have him wear it. We will wait and see until he gets older and decides if he wants to use it or not. At least we tried!

Jayden is now 18 months old and so full of life. He’s a bit shy when he’s around people he doesn’t know. I hope he breaks out of that stage because I want him to have  high self-esteem as he grows up. There’s nothing stopping this little boy. He gets up and down the sofa. He tries to feed himself, he loves scribbling on paper, he opens books and changes the pages with his little hand (as we call it) he gets on his fire truck and rides around the house making car noises. What can I say, he’s as normal as normal can be!! So much worrying for nothing, Jayden always finds a way of doing things his way.

I love my baby so much, we all do. He’s growing up too fast. Now he wants to run, not walk, all over the place without holding anybody’s hands. A typical toddler! I wouldn’t change anything about him. There’s a reason GOD chose us to watch over one of his special angels. I just know it!!! He has two older brothers (13 and 12 years old) who love him unconditionally, and will do anything for him. Just seeing my baby smile takes away all my fears. I know my baby is capable of doing anything his little heart desires, and I won’t let anyone or anything stop him. It feels good to know that we are NOT alone. Thank you for reading my story.

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