Our daughter, Kayla Marie, brings us to I-CAN. She was born in July 1996 with bilateral lower amelia (no legs) and missing her right arm above the elbow. Her left arm is shorter than average, her elbow doesn’t move and she has three finger fused together. She had surgery in May 1998 to separate one of the fingers from the other two.

I found I-CAN when Kayla was about 13 months old. It was frustrating and disappointing to discover there are few resources available to help families like us. There are no local support groups or even much information available on limb deficiency. This list provided me with the support I needed so desperately. Finally, a network of people who had “been there, done that”! Even though every person is unique, some of the same feelings and challenges are shared.

Kayla received her first wheelchair at 18 months old. The seat lowers to within 6 inches of the floor and also raises up to enable her to reach more things. It took 5 months for it to get here from Sweden so her daddy built her a cart to drive in the meantime. It has been amazing how quickly she has learned to drive it and she improves daily.

Our learning process is ongoing, there are so many issues involved with parenting a child such as Kayla. It helps so much to know that there are other parents and mentors out there to help us through the process, even if sometimes it’s just encouragement or a friendly ear. Thank you to Bill &Joyce Baughn and our I-CAN family.

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In the late ’90s our family met an adult with very similar birth differences to Kayla. Meeting and spending time with Tina made a great deal of difference to us. Thanks Tina!

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