My daughter, Lia, is six-years-old, lives in Uruguay, South America. Her sister, Lucia, is 3-years-old. Lia was born with her right tibia missing, club foot and left foot sindactylia.

Before her first birthday her leg was amputated through the right knee and she was fitted for her first artificial leg, a rigid exoeskeletal leg, she learned to walk in 2 month.

Since then, I started a search over the internet asking for support and information, that has achieved fantastic results

Here is a fragment of one of my first e-mail to I-CAN dated on February 1997:

“Hi Lorraine

Thanks for the welcome, I’ve known about I-Can for a year, but only the web page, the list is fantastic, and I´m sure that I will be here for a long time.

Please, forgive my poor expression in English, I’m better at reading than writing in your language, so for now, I will only respond to the mail about knee disarticulation, later, when I think I am ready to express my opinion correctly, I will participate more often, like you do, Lorraine.

Back to knee prosthetics, I know, from a friend in Scotland, that in the U.K. the Totalknee is not available yet, In Uruguay, it will never be available, because of the health laws, because we are a small country with only 3 million people, with no more than 10 or 15 lower limb amputee kids; so we (fathers like me) must contact people like all of you, in the first world, and absorb all the information we can, so last year I started a trip in the Internet, to find all the information I can to give my daughter Lia, the best chance to have a prosthesis with the best technology”

Now Lia is 6 years old, and has the latest prosthetic limb technology she can do anything that any 6 year old child can do and more, and I am still here, on I-CAN looking for and giving support and information. Thanks Bill, thanks I-Can.