Taylor was born in 1993 and is a bilateral amputee due to Meningococcemia which she contracted at one year old. She was taken to a local hospital with fevers, sudden onset of seizures and a rash that developed after the seizures. Treated with IV antibiotics and IV fluids, she was then transferred to a larger, better equipped hospital where she spent six weeks in Intensive Care followed by three weeks in pediatrics and rehab.

Taylor had a stormy course while at the hospital. As a result of the inflammation, the blood supply to her lower legs, as well as to the fingers on the right hand, was completely shut off.  As the skin had died, so did the fingertips, and legs; they had to be amputated.

Taylor is a freshman in high school this year, and absolutely loves school.  She is a typical teenage girl who finds a way to do everything she wants to do. She has an awesome sense of humor. (Her favorite ice breaker when she is not wearing her prosthesis is “I love your shoes, can I try them on”, people are shocked at first but it quickly puts them at ease).

She is still very active in dance class taking tap, ballet, jazz, and lyrical using her prosthesis. Taylor also takes a contemporary dance class which she does on her nubbies.

Another of Taylor’s interests is singing; she is active in choir at school, and will be taking a solo to competition in April.

Taylor does have a power scooter she uses when she is unable to wear her prosthesis, or is walking a long distance.
We have been a part of I-CAN for 10 years, and it has been such a blessing to us.

Taylor wants to council young people, and be a worship leader when she grows up.

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