My name is Jenny and I was born in 1980. My mother had no idea that I would be born missing my right hand. At a very young age my mother had me do things on my own. She watched me struggle and helped only when really necessary. I learned at a very young age people make fun of things that they don’t understand, so the more comfortable I was with my disability, the more others around me were. At age 5 I received a hook and have had 4 prostheses up until I was 16 years old. Since age 8 I have been playing softball, as a pitcher. In high school, I varsity lettered in soccer, softball, and cheerleading all four years. I am currently attending the University of North Florida in Jacksonville majoring in broadcast journalism with the hopes of becoming a news anchor or a motivational speaker. I feel that all things in life happen for a reason and I am extremely positive about all that I have been given, especially a supportive mother who never put limitations on what I could do.