Julie C

Hi! I’m Julie. I’ in my 30s and am married to a wonderful man named Mark. We don’t have any children, except the kind that barks and has a furry tail, my mutt, Lucy.

I was born without a left hand, my stub extends just past my left elbow. I really never heard all the technical terms for it until I started reading the I-CAN Profiles. When I was born there were a couple of problems, I was severely pigeon-toed (I wore cast on my feet to correct that), one hip grew faster than the other (for that I was put into a harness like contraption), and my arm. I have no memory of my hip or feet problems, I just see pictures of myself up ’till I was two, in the casts and harness.

Being without a hand, like all other mentors on this site hasn’t stopped me. In fact, I am probably more outgoing, and adventurous than if I had been born “like everyone else”. I like to travel, scuba dive, hike, I’ve tried repelling and rock climbing and I used to sky dive.

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