Julie R

My name is Julie and I am from Sydney Australia. I was born with only a stump on my right upper body (nothing on the left), a semi normal left leg that has bone and muscle deformities and a smaller right leg that is missing the knee joint (among other things), it has a little foot with three toes on it. (I wear an artificial leg)

I attended ‘normal’ schools from age 7 until I finished my HSC at TAFE when I was 18. I now work full time for AMP (a large insurance company. I recently was accepted into University to study a Bachelor of business, majoring in marketing.

My parents had little to no help or support in raising me. I was their first born child and they were in their very early 20’s.

I think that being born with a disability has made me a very strong determined person. Without my leg on I use my left foot quite a lot but when I am out I use my stump and mouth.

I really would like to help, support and have contact with all the parents and other mentors here.