Sami – BAE, BBK


Hello my name is Sami. I am a bilateral above elbow amputee and a bilateral below knee amputee.  I wore arm prosthesis when I was younger but I no longer use arm prosthesis because I am able to do everything without it.  I wear below knee prosthesis and I sometimes use a power chair (when I am recovering from surgeries). I have had fourteen surgeries; ten of the fourteen were for bone overgrowth.

I have had two service dogs. I trained Ravi through an organization called Top Dog, which allows people to train their own dogs, when I was eight years old and now Ravi has retired. Three years ago, I got Ashka and trained her through Top Dog and now she takes over what Ravi was doing for me.

I have graduated high school and heading to Pima Community College for two years then transferring to the University of Arizona.

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Written by Samir Madden

Dedicated to Bill and Joyce Baughn

It is a family of kids

It is a family of parents

Some of us are kids

Some of us are teens

Some of us are adults

We all have come for one purpose

To be light for those who have none

To be hope for the hopeless

To be a family for those who have none

We have two people to thank

Joyce and Bill

Without them we wouldn’t be I-CAN

Without them we wouldn’t be here these five special nights

Without them we wouldn’t be here tonight

Thank you

Joyce and Bill