God Made Everybody Different

By Paulina

I was born with no hair, brown eyes, one big hand that looks everyone else’s and one special hand that I call my little hand. My legs are both different too. I wear prosthetics to walk. My prosthetics have princesses on them. I can take them off when I want to. They stink when I take them off.

When I am not wearing them I can walk and run and dance on my knees, but not outside and I am short when I don’t have my legs on.

When I wear my legs I can run and jump and dance. Some things in dance class are hard, but I do my best and I am a good dancer now.

Sometimes kids look at my hand or my legs and ask me questions. They want to know why I am little or something, and I just say “I was born like this and that’s all”.

I want everyone to know how special I am. I am not sad because I am different, I am happy. This is just who I am. I don’t like it when kids want to touch me or my legs; they are mine and not theirs.

Prosthetics are very cool and you can use them to do what you want. If they break  a prosthetist will fix them for you. When you grow you get new ones. My new ones are going to be ballet ones because I love dancing so much.

I love my hospital. I always get popcorn when I go and I always get a sticker when I am done, but sometimes they run out of Barbie ones.