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An I-CAN mentor is a person 18 years of age or older who grew up, at least most of their childhood, with an amputation and who is now willing to interact with parents and kids concerning those issues, primarily via our list.

Ashley - BAK, LAE
Brian - LHD
Catherine - RBE
Donnie - RBE, RBK
Elizabeth D - LBE
Erin - BHD, LAE
Gene - LBE
James - LSD, RBW
Jan Bryant - BSD
Jan G - BSD, BAK
Jean - BBE, B pffd
Jenny - RBW
Jo Beth - BSD
Joyce - BBE
Julie C - LBE
Julie R - RBS, LSD, B pffd
Lisa - BAE, B pffd
Monica - BSD, BHD
Patti - RBE
Pete - BAK, arm differences
Sami - BAE, BBK
Sarah - LAE
Stacey Conner - BSD
Stig - LBW