People in the News

Press Articles about I-CAN Kids and Mentors

December 12, 2007  Carol Franks/ Charlotte Observer
November 21, 2004 Cody McCasland/Star-Telegram
Summer 2004  Kayla Wheeler/The Issaquah Press & Skiforall Foundation
August 17, 2004  Jonathan Heider/GreenBay Press-Gazette
March 17, 1996  Joyce Baughn – Her Sights are Always High

June 1990  Stacey McInroe Conner Dies in Accident/North Texas Amputee Support Group News

December 1989  Stacey Makes Her First Jump/Ft Worth Star Telegram

Summer 1989  Four-Legged Pal Carries Big Books/Stephenville Empire-Tribune

January 1989  Don’t Fix Me, I’m Not Broken/Stephenville Empire-Tribune