My name is Erin and I am one of the mentors for I-CAN. I was born a congenital triple amputee. I have bilateral hip disarticulation (I have no legs, at all) and my left arm ends about half way between the shoulder and elbow. I have no right arm differences. I use a wheelchair to get around, and I regularly switch between my manual and my power chairs. I do not use a prosthesis, although I used one to drive for many years. Now, I use hand controls that don’t require it.

I grew up in a wonderful family, where three of my five siblings are also adopted. Growing up, I developed a passion for riding horses, which I continue to do today. I always have been very active and outgoing. I attended college at Michigan State University and got my bachelors of science in psychology. I am currently working on my doctorate in clinical psychology. I also have a service dog named Toby. He is a Black Labrador and a great helper. While I don’t depend on him, I appreciate his skills and especially his company!

I really enjoy being a part of I-CAN. I bring a mentor perspective of having multiple amputations (both upper and lower extremities), using a wheelchair and a service dog, and being adopted. I LOVED attending my first I-CAN conference in Chicago, and look forward to going to more in the future. I would encourage any parents to email me with questions – hopefully I can help!