Golf Grip

I thought up this device and had it made by a welder. It cost me $150, and seems to work just fine. It is made of aluminum.

It is a tapered tube that has a slit in it that allows me to slide it over club shafts.

I then pull the tube upward where it grasps the club grip. Attached to the top of the tube is a flange that runs back down along the top (closed side) of the tube. The flange fits into the openings in the underside of a rollerblader's wristguard - where I have removed the plastic guard. I had the pocket reinforced by a shoemaker, because the original fake leather would not hold strongly enough.

So, when I attach the wristguard, it holds the club about where I would grip it, if I could, but "choked up" a little. In my case. I get a better swing backhand, so I play with left handed clubs. I'm not ready for prime time yet, but I can swing with reasonable club speed.