Isaac B

Hello, my name is Isaac. I was born in 1999 and I live in a place called Logan Central which is 26kms south of Brisbane City in Queensland Australia. My mummy found out I didn’t have any arms when I was still in the womb, I also have problems with my legs as one femur is longer than the other and one is bent, the orthopedic surgeon is not sure whether I have a ball joint on my left hip, but time will tell. We are hoping that when I grow bigger I will be able to walk. I spent the first 8 weeks of my life in a Von Rosen brace and the next 8 weeks in a Dennis Brown brace, I also have some internal problems and have had some reconstructive surgery. I am a very special little boy for many reasons not the least of which I am the first boy in the family for 3 generations, so I am treasured by all the girls. *giggle giggle*. My biggest problem at the moment is with clothes, everything I wear ends up around my neck and is very uncomfortable, my mum tries to get clothes which do up under the crotch to stop this happening but I would like some clothes especially for me so If anyone has any knitting or sewing patterns suitable for me or even some ideas please let me know. I am sure as I grow up I¬†will use the computer and will make many friends around the world but at the moment my mum or nanna will do the message posting for me. Thanking you in anticipation.
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