Hi! My name is Lindsay Annette and I was born in 1999 to my eagerly awaiting parents and big brother. Much to their surprise, I was missing my left arm from just below the elbow. Several ultrasounds, including 2 Level II’s did not reveal my difference.

After seeing several specialists, they concluded that “amniotic banding” was the cause. Whatever it may be, everyone thinks I’m just perfect!!

My parents, Chris and Ana, were searching for answers on the Internet when they came across I-CAN soon after my birth. And what a great organization it is!! They’re thankful for the unending support, wealth of information and most of all friends, they have found through I-CAN.

My brother, Ryan, was 2 1/2 years old when I was born. In the beginning he asked why “Winsy has only one hand” but shortly thereafter assumed it was perfectly normal. He’s a great big brother and I’m sure he’ll provide lots of loving support for me, but just as long as I don’t touch any of his many, many “cars”.

Thanks to Bill and Joyce for creating the wonderful world of I-CAN and to all the others whose contributions and words of wisdom have helped us tremendously.

Thanks for visiting me and by the way, I really am a little princess.