Bill Baughn and his wife, Joyce, a bilateral below elbow amputee since age six, established I-CAN (International Child Amputee Network) and an Internet mailing list to provide information and support contacts to children with absent or underdeveloped limbs and their parents.

If you are a congenital amputee or became an amputee as a child, your counsel can help parents deal with a situation that leaves them lost and seeking knowledgeable information.

Parents who have a child born with a limb difference or who lose a limb/s in childhood are starved for information. Pick up any book on disabled children and you will most often find limb deficiencies not mentioned. If the subject is mentioned, it is touched on in a superficial manner. It is our hope that I-CAN will fill this void providing parents with a place to contact experienced parents and adults who grew up with a limb deficiency.

In Memoriam
Bill Baughn