1st Timer Scholarship 2014

I-CAN seeks contributions to help those attending each years conference to be able to do so by eliminating as many expenses as possible. This year I-CAN has received a generous donation specifically to help four (4) families with their travel expenses for the 2014 Conference in Tucson, AZ. Any I-CAN family that would be attending an I-CAN Conference for the first time may apply for this assistance.

Each family will received $500 reimbursement of their travel expenses when they arrive in Tucson. Submissions must be received by 5PM Central Time on June 12, 2014, to be considered. The I-CAN board will vote on the submissions and each family will be notified by email.

Criteria used for consideration:

You must complete the following form and submit. The information on the form must contain:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Child’s Name
  3. Your Child’s Difference – See Glossary
  4. What it would mean to your family/child to attend the conference.
  5. Your email address
  6. A phone number

Please complete each field.

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